Please leave a message from you, or a company you represent. In respect and for support of the memorial, in honour of friends or family lost, or a message of hope to all.
Consider leaving a pledge donation via ‘Donate’ to be part of the history in making this memorial happen.

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2 months ago
Thankfully I survived the aids eprdemic but lost a friend and work colleague who was much loved by all who worked with him. So this is for Lee a handsome man who died before his time xxx
Phil O
3 months ago
I am involved in this project for numerous reasons. Working, developing & socialising within the gay community for many years I have seen many people affected by HIV & AIDS, some sadly losing their lives. I have experienced firsthand how the LGBTQIA+ community, friends, families and colleagues adapted or mourned. This memorial will honour those lost, those that have suffered, and also those that battled through and lived longer lives. In solidarity we can acknowledge the past, remembering those no longer here, yet celebrate people living healthier lives today because of the advancement in medicine. We must eradicate stigma like we are eradicating the effects of HIV and AIDS.
Our memorial is a beacon of hope, a pillar of strength and a place to reflect.
Leave your message of remembrance, or a message of support like me, as I take this opportunity to honour those I've known, those I've lost, and those with the strength to keep going.
Love is Love, we are stronger together!