Birmingham AIDS & HIV Memorial (BAHM)

Thank you for visiting our website for the ‘BAHM’ project. We are a volunteer community, and city collective, of passionate individuals who are striving to create a long lasting and symbolic memorial in our home town of Birmingham, UK.
The Birmingham AIDS & HIV Memorial is a significant remembrance, and milestone, following a long journey made by many people before, raising awareness!

Already there are hundreds of like-minded individuals offering support and getting involved at a rapid pace.
This website allows visitors to learn about the BAHM Memorial project, see images, donate, get involved, see our sponsors, fundraising and supporters, donate, and also check out the latest blogs for updates of: Whats happening, Who’s on board, Pledges, Sponsors and event programming.
Press Contact, Press Release and General Contact is also available here.
Please also see our Facebook Page, and also the Friends of Birmingham AIDS & HIV Memorial Group, which further enables people to share photos, stories, memories, fundraise and more. Please ‘Like’ the page and ‘Join’ the group to show your support!
A big 'THANK YOU' to our charity partner, Saving Lives Charity, registered number: 1144855, founded by DR Steve Taylor, and his amazing team. They shall help us initially, by managing its finances (for clarity), and also other areas of appreciated support.
You can read about Saving Lives Charity here: 
If you can support with grants, sponsorship or fundraising then please get in touch here:

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