Welcome to the Birmingham AIDS & HIV Memorial site.

We are a volunteer community, and city collective, of passionate individuals who have worked tirelessly over 18 months to deliver a lasting and symbolic memorial, central within the UK, in our hometown of Birmingham. In this time, we have gained huge momentum, raised funds, been granted planning-permission and are finally unveiling a significant piece of art this World AIDS Day, 1st December 2022.

Remembrance, Education & Celebration!


An Aids and HIV memorial has been unveiled in Birmingham to remember those who have died from the virus.

The new public sculpture in Hippodrome Square, depicts two interlocking heart-shaped ribbons.

It was designed by Garry Jones and is accompanied by quilts made by hand, showing the history of the condition and those who have died.

"I wanted to remember those people that have been forgotten," Mr Jones said.

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Saving Lives Charity

A big 'THANK YOU' to our charity partner, Saving Lives Charity, registered number: 1144855, founded by DR Steve Taylor, and his amazing team, inc. Dan Hartland. They have been a vital support to our fundraising and by managing our finances (for transparency and efficiency), and also other areas of much appreciated work.

You can read about Saving Lives Charity here: 



Thanks to the help of the community, licensed venues, organisations, individuals, Birmingham Pride and many generous donations from companies/sponsors we were able to raise the £240,000.00 needed to plan, fabricate and erect ‘The Ribbons’ Birmingham AIDS & HIV Memorial in Birmingham, UK.

We are grateful to everybody that donated either money, services in kind or time into this project to help make it become a reality.

It is our hope to create more community activity and support projects connected to the memorial and the HIV community, as well as pay for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the memorial. Please donate HERE

The Project

Below you can see images of the project as it progressed

We even uncovered an old shop sign that is believed to be from around the Second World War as the foundation for the memorial was dug. This was believed to be in an old cellar from a former building under the road. It reads “UNCLE BILL IS ALWAYS PLEASED TO SEE YOU” and is fabricated of steel and painted in enamel.